On Cyber galleries and Collabs

Among NFT friends, Oncyber.io’s 3D galleries have recently received a lot of attention. It has never been easier to experience digital art in an immersive reality. In this article we will highlight the new portal and offer a short guide for gallery owners and artists.

Intro to Cyber

The start page of On Cyber with the currently most popular galleries.
Vincent Van Dough Gallery, see oncyber.io/vvd

This is On Cyber: A virtual gallery in the Metaverse, that allows NFT owners and artists to display their artwork in a 3D world. Here, for example, you can see a gallery with the impressive exhibits of the collector Vincent Van Dough, known only under his pseudonym. The collector caught the attention of the NFT community when he started buying up Art Blocks NFTs at prices that were considered extremely high at the time.

The beautiful thing about oncyber.io is that it is browser-based so:

  1. It doesn’t require any software installation to view or edit a gallery.
  2. It works on desktop or mobile devices.
  3. It works even more brilliantly if you have VR equipment to really make it an immersive experience. But even without, the experience is far more immersive than just scrolling through 2D marketplaces.

Animations work well, as do other forms of 3D artworks that are designed accordingly. Many artworks really become striking when they are displayed in a three-dimensional space. Just try it out, it’s worth it.

On Cyber for artists

Thanks a lot

If you have read this article all the way through, you should be familiar with the On Cyber portal. Thank you very much for going this way together with us! If you have any questions, please visit us in the HAUS HOPPE Discord.

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Johannes Hoppe works as an independent software architect, consultant and trainer for web technologies. He maintains this website and the crypto art of Olaf Hoppe. Johannes made his first bitcoin transaction in 2013.

About the author

CasperB is an anonymous NFT collector from Asia. He supports independent artists by promoting them through his Oncyber gallery. CasperB has been into NFTs since Art Block’s Curated Series 2.