Buy NFTs – the complete guide

Are you looking to get into the crypto world and interested in purchasing a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)? Then you are exactly right on this page. Step by step, this article will introduce you to an exciting new world and clarify all the important questions. First, let’s clarify what NFT are and show you why you should buy them. Next, we recommend marketplaces and the tools necessary to buy and sell digital artwork.

General questions about NFTs

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Buying NFT: How it works

We recommend using the largest and most secure blockchain to get started. This is the blockchain Ethereum.
Let’s go! We will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Install a wallet (MetaMask).
  2. Set up MetaMask.
  3. Equip your wallet with capital (including price comparison)
  4. Select an NFT marketplace.
  5. Select an appropriate NFT (presentation of 3 strategies).
  6. Buy an NFT.

If you have already done one of the steps, you are of course welcome to skip it.

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Thanks a lot

Should you have read this article throughout, then you will certainly have a solid start into the world of NFT. Thank you so much for walking this path with us! Did you know that this website is run by an artist? Olaf Hoppe has been active as a painter and graphic artist for more than 50 years and has built up a large pool of masterpieces. You can enjoy many works in the physical world in his gallery or do so online on the artworks page. We offer a small selection of unique pieces at OpenSea. We are also happy to bring a unique piece exclusively for you on the blockchain. To do so, simply email us at t|e|a|m|@|h|a|u|s|h|o|p|p|e|.|d|e| or contact us on Instagram.

The following works by Olaf Hoppe are currently available as NFT at OpenSea purchase:

About the author

Johannes Hoppe works as an independent software architect, consultant and trainer for web technologies. He has been recognized by Google as a Developer Expert (GDE) for Angular. Johannes made his first bitcoin transaction in 2013.

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